ZIGI’S Art Wine Cheese Bar

We are Epicures, loving Wine, Food and Art… Aren’t you ?           Zigis-Logo-final_Web.jpg

An unforgettable experience for your senses

Chippendale’s hidden gem; Zigi’s wine and cheese bar is a quaint, rustic restaurant/ winecheese bar specializing in a vast selection of wine and cheese from all over the world.

Currently opened from Wednesday to Sunday.
Zigi’s boasts a unique dining experience and a delightful atmosphere unlike any other.

Opening Hours

Wednesday: 4:00pm – Midnight
Thursday: 2:00pm – Midnight
Friday: 2:00pm - Midnight
Saturday: 2:00pm - Midnight
Sunday: 2:00pm - 9pm

86 Abercrombie St Chippendale
NSW 2008 ( Entry from Teggs Lane)

Email: info@zigis.com.au
Telephone: 02 9699 4222

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